Pati Cmak



Opening commissions again. I’m starting drawing in april.

Prices are per character, and I’m doing speedpaints only from a photo supplied.

Prices are up for negotiations of course! So just shoot me an e-mail and tell me what you want :)

Just fyi - you can tumblr saviour ‘shameless self promotion’ if you don’t want it to pop out on your dash every so often ;)

Closing commissions next week so hurry up if you want one ;)


"I love to draw at night. I feel like I am between the real world and my own Dreamland. In the past year I made a lot of drawings, sketches and illustrations, so I decided to collect most of them in a book,NOCTURNE. Every one of these drawings is a mood, a sensation, a dream or just an image stacked in my head. I tried to put all those feelings in colors. It is the sublimation of my different states of mind.”

Thomas Campi

Here is the link if you’d like to help the artist realise his project : NOCTURNE

Second commission for rhyperographer 
Thanks for commissioning me! It was a pleasure :)

Second commission for rhyperographer 

Thanks for commissioning me! It was a pleasure :)

Hi do you have any tutorials on how you digitally paint so beautifully? If not please please PLEASE do one :)

Thank you so much for the compliment! :)

But the thing is I really suck at doing tutorials… Like mostly I figure things out as i go and nothing is logical…

If it helps I have two vids of speed up painting process? Here they are.

And if you have any specific questions my askbox is always open.

soo…. yeah.

soo…. yeah.

First commision for lovely rhyperographer
The second one will come soon :)

First commision for lovely rhyperographer

The second one will come soon :)


I cross my fingers, you got talent !


And of course I forgot to mention earlier that this - amazing feedback and encouragement from such talented artist like you :) , and from all of my followers (old and new) - is one of the most important things that kept me motivated. 

I don’t know if I could keep doing this without you all.

Thank you all so much! :)

And btw I know this sounds very cheesy but it’s true so deal with it.

Anonymous asked:
i'm kinda in the same boat as you in terms of school and having a day job. for right now i'm trying to see how far i can get on my own (without a degree). what would you say is the best way to improve one's style? and how in the heck do you stay motivated? I have the most trouble with that...

*high five* dude, we can do it!

My best motivation to draw a lot was a deadline for portfolio application in the school.

I knew i have to be ready with everything to apply, and I had to do everything in my power to get better and make it in time.

And no bullshit you can actually get much better when you draw a lot and study what you draw. I see A LOT of progress between last year and now.

I tried to draw everyday but you know how it is with work, you come home tired and just want to sleep… so i wasn’t always successful. But when I wasn’t i just shook it off and tried again. It’s important not to give up and give yourself chances. 

I also was really lucky to find amazing lifedrawing classes. I met some cool people and got a lot of help from our teacher. I still go there when i have time. which is not often. Before the portfolio deadline I was there three times a week two week days after work from 6pm to 10pm and 8h on saturday. (With 8h in the office from monday to friday I had very little time if any to meet up with friends but you have to make some sacrifices I guess… )

Anonymous asked:
from 1 to 3 how much money do you earn from art? :)


For now it’s just pocket money that i can spend on drawing supplies, but hopefully that will change in the future…

Thank god I have a day job?

Anonymous asked:
Well... Something short, a description of yourself? What do you study/have you studied, etc? :)

hmm… ok well.

I’m 26, I live in Krakow, Poland. 

I studied a looooot of things cause for a long time i had no idea what to do with myself. (and I never finished anything - i suck at studying…)

I took movie studies, which were fun but kinda pretentious, and English studies which were cool but oh man grammar :/ not mah thang, and even some interior design, (but that didn’t last long)

Last year I’ve finally decided what i want to do with my life, and at the moment I’m working at an IT company gathering some money so i could go study character animation (if i get into school… hopefully, cross your fingers everybody)

So what i do is basically just work, draw, sleep, repeat. 

Oh and I watch waaay to much tv series in the meantime…