On Wonder Woman…


Superman gets an entire history, culture, visual language, etc. developed from the ground up in MoS. Of course he does, that’s what you get when it’s a movie about you.  For this next one, we’ve become privy to Batman having been similarly rebuilt from the ground up - huge amount of thought and consideration poured into his design(s).  Certain aspects other costume designers have been wrestling with now for 26 years have finally made it into a final product, perfected.  He has the appearance of being much more of a creature than just a really involved tactical suit that broadcasts the notion he comes from money (ie Nolan’s Batman). And then of course it’s not just the single suit, it’s the whole armory. It’s safe to say he’s gotten equal development conceptually as Superman.

But Wonder Woman?  Granted, it’s one picture, one instance to judge…maybe judgement shouldn’t be so severe at this moment.  But in that instance, it’s already clear that there’s a discrepancy of thought put into her compared to the other two heroes.  I wonder why that is?

That being said, the point of this is to not pull apart her design piece by piece and tell you why it’s not up to par.  Plenty of that is already going on, and I previously even attempted to do it myself, but some are absolutely adamant to not listen.  So again, thats not the point here.

Point is, I’d like to encourage as many artists to go absolutely crazy and try and create as many thoughtful and maniacally intricate Wonder Woman designs in the next 2 years, to show that she doesn’t just have to be some afterthought, some accessory to these other two.  And I’m not just talking about like THE signature costume or whatever, I’m talking SCOPE.  What is the design language of her culture, what keepsakes does she always have with her, what is utilitarian about her, what is ceremonial?  Share your ideas, collaborate, cross-pollenate.  There’s 2 years before this thing comes out, and if what was shown initially was any indication of how she’s being handled, I can guarantee that a comprehensive crowd-designed Wonder Woman will be lightyears ahead of what’s been officially just thrown together.  

Do you still drawing the palette meme? If yes, can I request one, please?

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oh sorry anon! I have so many palette meme request waiting in my inbox I won’t be finished with them in months :<

It’s better to help people than garden gnomes.

Roman Holiday

I’ve put some quick colours on that sketch.

couple of sketches from today.

a little animation project that i will probably never finish cause i don’t have time…

I think everyone is in love with this design :)