Thank so much! I’d love to finally make some t-shirts soon.

At the moment I still don’t have the internet at the apartment unfortunately, so that complicates things a little…

But I should be able to do something about it in two/three weeks if you’re willing to wait ;)

Sup. Someone reposted your Peter Quill fanart w/o credit, or probably even permission, for that matter. Just thought you'd like to know about it. The url is ultimatemoviefanatic and the post is /post/94269636216 Also, I wanted to say that said fanart is holy friggin' cool! I love it!!

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Thanks dude! I’ve actually already got an anon message about it but eh… what can i do..

It already has over 6K of notes so it’s not like I can stop it from spreading… The joys of being on tumblr i guess…

I wish this wasn’t the case and people were more respectful of other’s work though.

Little something for the premiere

Quick sketch of Peggy since I probably won’t be able to update soonish… It’s surprisingly weird to draw using different tablet…


HI GUYS, as you probably noticed I don’t have internet access at the moment (after moving to Denmark) 

So sorry for not updating, hopefully that will change soon!

I think my cat doesn’t want me to move out

Your art is STUNNING. Especially the Bucky one with his arm apart. Perfection.

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Thank you so much anon! <3

This is such a sad news. I grew up with so many of his movies in my heart. 

- so you fell from the roof again.

So how does one get your guardians of the galaxy pieces? They're great!

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Hi Anon! 

Thank you so much! :) 

The walkman adventures are on inprint. I’ll try to put the flying starlord somewhere soon but i don’t have time to work on it now. I’ll let you know :)